BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration

Prerequisite: Successful completion of a comprehensive high school education.

Program Duration: 3 years fulltime + 6 months research project



FIN101:Principles of Accounting

BBM101:Principles of Management

BEC131:Principles of Microeconomics

BEC132:Principles of Macroeconomics

BIT101:Introduction to Information Technologies

BLA101:French Language 1


FIN102:Managerial Accounting

BBM112:Human Resource Management

BBM121:Marketing I

BBM103:Organizational Behavior

BBM104:Business Ethics

BLA102:French Language 2


FIN201:Financial Accounting

BBM251:Principles of Business Law

BIT202:Computer Applications for Business

BDE241:Statistics for Management

TLC211:Business and Technical Writing

FIN203:Corporate Finance

BLA103:French language 3


TLC212:Business Communication

BDE242:Quantitative Business Analysis

BBM213:Production Management

BBM231:International Economy & Globalization

BEC133:Political Economy

BBM217:Business Strategy

BLA104:French Language 4


BBM341:Business Taxation

FIN302:Financial Analysis

BBM122:Marketing II

FIN303:Financial Markets and Portfolio

BBM304:Organizational Theories

HIS001:Swiss History and Culture

BLA105:Business Terms in French I


FIN302:Business Research and Methodology

BM301: Money and Banking

BM402: Business Planning

BM322: Advertising and Sales Promotion


BLA106:Business Terms in French II


Research Project

The last semester is dedicated to the writing of the Bachelor's degree graduation project. The thesis will be defined in agreement with a supervisor. The subject matter will be based on research material from lectures, readings, participation in workshops, discussions with experts, and field visits.

Additionally, students will meet weekly in a common methodology seminar to talk about challenges and progress with their thesis.

Total credits 180 ECTS for Bachelor of Business Administration
ECTS- European Credit Transfer System
*1 credit corresponds to a volume of work of 30 hours.


MBA - Master of Business Administration

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.

Program Duration: 1 year full-time + master's thesis (6 months)


BM401: Fundamentals of Business Administration

BM402: Organizational Behavior

BM403: Business Law and Ethics

DE404: Managing Decision Support

BM405: Marketing Management

BM406: Managerial Economics

FIN407: Financial Management

BM408: Strategic Human Resources Management

BM409: Corporate Strategy

DE410: Business Modeling and Simulation

TLC411: Business and Technical Communications

FIN412: International Finance

BM413: International Marketing

BM414: Supervisory Concepts and Practices

FIN415: Financial Investments & Capital Markets

BM416: Management of Banking Enterprises

FIN417: Applied Data Analysis

BM418: Management of Distribution Channels & eBusiness

BM419: Project Management

The Master's Thesis-

Student will present an acceptable proposal for review and analysis which respects conceptual tools and techniques for conducting scientific research. The candidate will develop and compile an original work demonstrating ability to add to the body of knowledge in his or her field for presentation to and acceptance by the University.

Total credits 90 ECTS for Master of Business Administration
ECTS- European Credit Transfer System
*1 credit corresponds to a volume of work of 30 hours.


Program Duration: 1 year full-time + master's thesis (6 months)

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